Job market still uncertain

Salary offers for new jobs dropped back below 2009's level, although demand from UK employers for new workers remained steady in April according to the Reed Job Index published today.

The number of new job opportunities matched March’s level, giving a Reed Job Index reading of 102. However average salaries on offer in April were four per cent lower than this year’s high point in February, and slipped below last year’s level to give a Salary Index reading of 99.

Steve Webb, the Liberal Democrat prospective Secretary of Work and Pensions, said, 'The latest Reed Job Index shows that the UK is not yet out of the woods of the economic downturn. These figures show why cutting spending while the economy remains fragile would be a big mistake. We need to invest in a green jobs package which will encourage employers to take on more staff. This will support the economy now and build our infrastructure for the long-term.'

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