IGA training for RMI subscribers

From next year the IGA is to offer on-site technical training to members who currently subscribe to the RMI technical helpdesk service.


The service, delivered on the garages own site will entitle up to three technicians to half a day’s training. The training will cover four key areas that are deemed to be vital to the continued success of any garage. These areas include; electric vehicles, diagnostic equipment, Pass -Thru technology and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Working in association with the IMI, these courses will be quality assured and certificated via the new modular approach to ATA.  These modules will have the added benefit of providing a way for existing ATA technicians, remaining accredited, and other technicians gaining industry recognised certification.

The training will be at no cost to the members as the fees will be absorbed by the IGA. The only charge members will be liable for is the cost of certification, which is around £20 per learner.

Commenting on the offer, Stuart James, IGA director said: ‘The IGA is really proud to be backing the expansion of our technical support division. This unique training concept gives us an opportunity to give something back to the members by offering a product on their terms that will really make a difference to the everyday running of their garages.’

 ‘With the IMI validating the training, it is further proof of the industry working together as one for the good of our members and the industry.’

 Steve Scofield, head of the accreditation academy at the IMI said: ‘We are delighted that IGA have made this fantastic offer to support these four key areas of training.  This is a great opportunity for employers to keep their technicians up to date, and at the same time, recognise the technicians’ achievements.’

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