Driving credibility to a sector not always known for consistency

The latest innovation from Revive! has been to drive credibility to the sector ? a task that has taken over 2 years, but something that is nearing fruition following the successful pilot of the latest ATA module of Cosmetic repairs by Revive! at it's Rugby head office workshop.


Within the new ATA accreditation are a professional register and a national standard of technical competence paving the way for full recognition of quality cosmetic repair techniques within the industry. The ATA will now be included in bodywork paint technique modules at colleges throughout the country.

Revive! managing director Mark Llewellyn said: ‘It has, at times, felt like a long route, but we are delighted that the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) has seen the value of creating an ATA standard for cosmetic repairs.

‘This means that the professional repairers in the marketplace can differentiate and distinguish themselves from competitors whose sole means of distinction has historically been to cut prices.

‘While there is nothing wrong in pricing aggressively, this has sometimes led to practices, techniques and products that are not as long lasting or repairs that are not as durable as they should be – and has at times meant that SMART repairs have been dismissed as a cheap, unprofessional repair.’

Revive! has been instrumental in the development of the ATA having been involved since the inception of the cosmetic ATA and Mr Llewellyn sits on the expert working group.

He continued: ‘The objective of creating a national standard was to drive up standards across the board and I am delighted by the interest this has generated in the sector – which clearly shows that there are lots of repairers who are keen to endorse their own professionalism. At Revive! we are fortunate to have been part of the pilot accreditations and delighted that we our training school is one of the first accredited centres to offer the cosmetic repair ATA in the country.’

‘As the pioneers of SMART repairs we have to lead the way and I would look to have the Revive! network fully accredited by the end of 2012. Certainly we are the first SMART repairer to become an ATA accreditation centre.

‘Exciting times for professionals within the smart sector then, who finally have the opportunity to set the standard with the cosmetic repair ATA.’

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