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Another World

In this month’s The Specialist , S&B Automotive Academy provides a fascinating insight into its new virtual reality (VR) paint spraying — designed for both apprentices and skills analysis. What we know of training, may never be the same again… Simulation has always taken a significant role in the delivery of education and training; pilots never fl y a real […]

A call to arms

The knowledge with Andrew Hooker Often the majority of repairs are centred on lighter damage around the exterior, so called ‘light/cosmetic’. However, typically it’s the more severe, structural damage that creates headaches for us, or that leads to the car being a total loss. As a result, Thatcham is facing up to the structural repair challenges of the future. However, […]

Pick ?n? mix

With the pending launch of the Audi Q7 which uses a transverse matrix (MQB) platform made of steel and aluminium, and with the recent unveiling of Ford’s lightweight concept car which uses advanced, mixed materials to explore future weight-reduction solutions, it is clear vehicle construction is evolving. What that brings, is new repair methods. Rebekah Clements reports.

Gun slingers

With masses of products constantly thrown into the ?spotlight?, it can sometimes be difficult to truly know which ones work best ? sprayguns and associated equipment included. However, the way it performs when in the workplace is the most crucial test. Here, we go straight to those with their finger on the trigger to find out what products they are using, and more importantly, why.

Cut to the chase

With profitability under pressure and key-to-key times constantly under scrutiny, ensuring the correct use of abrasive products and processes within the bodyshop is vital. However, in a real world, fast paced environment ensuring no shortcomings arise is a challenge. Here, some of the top abrasive manufacturers offer their best practice advice. Rebekah Clements reports.

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