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Trust in Ford

TrustFord, the newly branded Ford Retail business, by its own admission has been somewhat of a ?sleeping giant? within the accident repair sector. However, that could all be set to change as the business continues its mission to deliver outstanding levels of customer service to Ford owners and beyond. bodyshop caught up with David McNamara, managing director aftersales, TrustFord, to find out more.

Colour commencement

As consumers, we often purchase and use goods with little thought or consideration where, or how they were developed ? including refinish paint. Yet, research and development is the first, and arguably the single most important part of a product’s cycle. With years of effort from the paint manufacturers to ensure a coating is no less than perfection, bodyshop takes a look at where it all begins. Rebekah Clements reports.

Dress to impress

With an aim of increasing work contracts, bodyshops are fully aware of the importance of giving the right impression. And, these impressions certainly count when it comes to an insurer choosing its approved repairers. Here, bodyshop reveals the leadership qualities work providers are looking for. Rebekah Clements reports.

Finnishing school

When you have a company that is a leading manufacturer and supplier of abrasives and tools to the automotive industry and a Technology Centre and Training Academy that has a commitment to help improve standards in the industry, you have a powerful proposition. bodyshop was invited to Mirka’s headquarters in Jeppo, Finland to see it firsthand.

SMART solutions?

Increasingly apparent within the bodyshop industry is that one size does not fit all. The term ?repairer? no longer simply applies to what you might class as a ?traditional? bodyshop, it now covers fast track facilities, mobile bodyshops and, of course, SMART operators. Inevitably, there is debate surrounding the merits of each and whilst some distance themselves from one another, others embrace the collaborative potential.

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